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The Relevance Conference: It’s About Time

With so much content to choose from and a flood of information, there’s no more precious resource than time. But how do we manage it? How does that impact advertisers and publishers? And what insights can science and research offer to help us all be more efficient and engaged?

These are not mere theoretical questions. They are the challenges that all of us — publishers, advertisers, brands and consumers alike — are struggling to answer in order to make sure that this “Golden Age of Content” continues to thrive and finds the right business models to sustain it. Boiled down to its essence, the real question is this: With time being our most precious commodity, how do we make sure brand messages are as engaging and relevant as possible?

Different stakeholders approach this question from different angles, and Relevance Conference will bring them all together, from the newly ascendant direct-to-consumer brands who understand that time is money and disrupt their industry to marquee brands who are evolving their approach to remain more relevant.

The Relevance Conference 2019 will discuss everything from the challenges of addressing increasingly segmented audiences to making ads a more cohesive, integral part of the content experience.

Relevance Conference 2018 Recap