There are conferences. And then there's Relevance.

Relevance was inspired by one simple philosophy: In an age of infinite content, the strongest currency is consumer attention. At a time when consumers face endless choices, relevance is the only real way to make your message resonate.

But the competition for our time and attention has never been greater. With new technology innovation disrupting the way people consume media, drive, trade, buy and communicate, the demand for personalized – and data-driven – experiences is at an all-time high.

Relevance will cut through the noise. AT&T Advertising & Analytics will gather likeminded leaders in advertising, media and marketing in the same room to discuss the issues surrounding audience attention, measurement and the effectiveness of ads. We will explore the nexus of data, technology and content as conduits of consumer attention. And we will examine ways to make media and advertising accountable to consumer needs.

The battle for consumer attention is reaching a fever pitch, and it's time for us to find Relevance 2018!